C437 ARINC-429 A/D, D/A and Digital I/O VME Board

C437 ARINC-429 A/D, D/A and Digital I/O VME Board
Provides multiple I/O including ARINC-429, analog to digital, digital to analog, and discretes, as well as an MP3 player with stereo audio output, on a single slot rugged/mil VME board.
  • Rugged/Mil 6U VME Single Slot Board
  • VME Slave Interface
  • Four (4) Opto-isolated Diffrential 16-bit A/D Input Channels
  • Four (4) Opto-isolated Diffrential 16-bit D/A Output Channels
  • Two (2) +10 VDC and Two (2) -10 VDC Voltage Reference Source Sets
  • Opto-isolated Discrete I/O Channels
  • 45 GND/OPEN Inputs
  • Ten (10) 28V/OPEN Inputs
  • Five (5)  28V/GND Inputs
  • 41 GND/OPEN Discrete Outputs
  • ARINC-429 I/O
  • 16 ARINC-429 Inputs
  • Eight (8) ARINC-429 Outputs
  • High or Low Speed Configuration
  • Audio Announcment System
  • All I/O Signals Routed to the VME P2 & P0 Connectors
  • Low Power Consumption
  • VxWorks Drivers including BIT
  • VME64x Compliant
  • Conduction and Air-Cooled Versions
  • Vibration and Shock Resistant
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