C535 Typhoon - GPGPU 3U VPX Supercomputer Board

C535 3U VPX GPGPU Board
The new C535 Typhoon is ideally suited to add revolutionary GPGPU supercomputer capabilities to any 3U VPX system.
  • Rugged 3U VPX HPEC Board – SBC with on-board GPGPU
  • NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1 or new TX2 System on Module
    • NVIDIA Maxwell™ (TX1) or Pascal (TX2) Architecture GPU, with 256 CUDA cores
    • ARM® Cortex® A57 Quad-Core CPU
    • 1 TFLOPS
    • H.264/H.265 HW Encoder
  • Best Available Performance per Watt – 60 GFLOPS/W
  • Large capacity SATA SSD with Quick Erase & Secure Erase
  • 4 GB LPDDR4 (TX1) or 8 GB (TX2)
  • 3U OpenVPX Compliant
  • I/O
    • 2 Gigabit Ethernet 
    • 2 USB 2.0 Ports
    • 2 UART Serial Ports
    • 8 (TX1)/ 4 (TX2) Discrete I/Os
    • Video Outputs
      • DVI / HDMI
    • Video Inputs
      • Composite (RS-170A, NTSC/PAL)
      • SDI (with H.264 encoder)
      • PCIe expansion provides optional inputs to include CameraLink, DVI, etc
  • Linux (Tegra) OS supports CUDA, OpenGL OpenGL ES, EGL
  • Low Power: 8-10 W Typical, 17 W Max
  • Software Development Platforms Available
  • TM535 Rear Transition Module (RTM) Available
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