CM951 Radiation Tolerant 3U PMC & 1553 Carrier

CM951 Radiation Tolerant 3U PMC & 1553 Carrier
The CM951 provides an additional PMC site per backplane slot and an onboard 1553 interface.
  • Accommodates a Single-Wide Conduction-Cooled PMC
  • Design in Single-slot 3U CompactPCI Form Factor
  • One MIL-STD-1553B Dual Redundant BC/RT/MT (STANAG 3838 Compliant) Channel
  • Radiation Tolerant PCI-PCI Bridge Design for Use in Rugged Space Applications
  • Less than 7W Power Consumption (Depending on 1553 Traffic Duty Cycle)
  • Design for Multiple S950 SBCs and Conduction-Cooled PMCs in an Enclosure
  • Support PCI Bus Specification 2.3 and PCI Bridge Specification 1.1
  • Support for Full Arbitration of PMC Master Operations
  • PMC I/O Routed to compactPCI J2 Connector for Backplane Routing
  • Both Engineering Model and Flight Model are available in Conduction-Cooled Format per VITA 30.1-2002 Specification
  • Optional Radiation Hardened Version is Avaliable Upon Request
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