E192 Rugged/Mil 3U CompactPCI Enclosure

E192 Rugged 3U CompactPCI  Enclosure
Compact and lightweight for two standard ANSI/VITA 30.1-2002 conduction-cooled, 3U CompactPCI modules.
  • Rugged/Mil Two-slot, 3U CompactPCI Powered Enclosure
  • Designed for Harsh Mechanical, Climatic, Chemical and Electrical Stresses
  • Environmentally Sealed Enclosure or Conduction-cooled Modules
  • Compact and Lightweight for Two (2) Standard ANSI/VITA 30.1-2002 Conduction-cooled, 3U CompactPCI Modules
  • Conduction-cooled via Chassis Baseplate
  • 28VDC Power Input per MIL-STD-704 with Environmentally Sealed, EMI/EMC Compliant Power Input Filter
  • Standard Output, High Performance, Modular and Removable Power Supply
  • Customized Front Panel - Circular MIL-DTL-38999 Connectors
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