Remote IO-Next Generation/RIO-NG

Remote IO-Next Generation/RIO-NG
RIO-NG is Aitech’s latest offering in extensible Remote Input Output digital platforms. The RIO-NG platform is designed around a Common Digital Processing Platform (CDPP) which provides “standard” functionality to collect, process, format, packetize and transport data.

The CDPP interfaces to all systems through the use of a personality module. Personality modules can be made available in a variety of functions including but not limited to:

Process control:
Thermocouple with Cold Junction Compensation, RTD, Strain Gauge, Accelerometer, Acoustic, and pressure transducers

Digital IO:
Parallel Machine-Machine interfaces like TTL, RS422 discrete IO and Human Machine interfaces like push buttons and touch sensing panels

High Current Interfaces:Motor and Mechanism Drive:
Pyrotechnic high voltage/high current interface, Industrial and Aerospace voltage and current-mode valve control interfaces with power saving option

Motor and Mechanism Drive:
Stepper motor controller, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (PMSM) motor drive with vector and trapezoidal sensor and sensor-less commutation

  • Advanced, RIO-Net™ Communications Protocol - Controls RIO-NG via simple TCP/IP, UDP Network commands
  • Ultra Low Power 100 MHz ARM Cortex M4 CPU (~300 mW)
  • 10/100 BaseT interface with hardware support for IEEE1588 and Real Time Clock
  • Multiple Power Options: Power Over Ethernet (PoE), 28VDC
  • High Level abstraction of control functions over Ethernet and Serial connections
  • 4 Channel Crossbar Switch DMA with SRAM/DRAM Controller and Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
  • 2x 16Bit ADC with up to 1MSPS each, high speed comparators and 2x 12Bit DAC with buffered output
  • Programmable “power of 2” gain amplifier from 2x to 64x 
  • Built in digital bus interfaces: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, RS422/LVDS UART/SPI, CAN,USB, I2C, I2S 
  • Quad timers and 6x PWM to implement precision timing algorithms like motor control 
  • Fully isolated power supply with EMI Input Filters 
  • Modular solution. Expandable through Personality modules and Backend Extensions 
  • Ideal for Military & Aerospace, Rugged Industrial and Space-based Platforms
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