TM162 Transition Module for C162 VME SBC

TM1621 Transition Module
Designed as a supplement to the C162 and C163 6U Core™ i7 VME SBC, and intended for use in commercial air-cooled enclosures, the TM162 eliminates the need for harnessing and complex cabling fixtures when connecting to the various C162 or C163 I/O interfaces.

  • Provides standard I/O connectors for all the C162 and C163 I/O interfaces
  • 80mm Module Depth Fully Compliant with IEEE 1101.11
  • Six modular USB 2.0 type A connectors
  • Two 7-pin SATA connectors
  • Four modular RJ-45 GbE jacks
  • Four DB-9 connectors for the serial ports
  • Two DVI-I jacks for the DVI and RGBHV interfaces
  • DB-9 connector for the two CANbus ports
  • Stereo jack for stereo line-out audio
  • Stereo jack for stereo line-in audio
  • 14-pin 90° header for 12 discrete I/O channels (6 differential pairs)
  • Configuration jumpers enable I/O routing for the C162 or C163  I/O pins.
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