Why Aitech?

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Supporting your success…
Our base product designs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to total solutions Aitech has to offer. The same technological sophistication, engineering creativity, and manufacturing capability that goes into our standard designs are also available to help you address a myriad of technical and logistical challenges revolving around your applications.

From COTS...
Our versatile COTS designs provide broad flexibility for allocating processor speed, functionality and performance, I/O and memory configurations, or specifying ruggedization and cooling requirements for your embedded systems in a very cost-effective manner. We can also modify those baseline products for your unique requirements at minimal cost.

...to custom.
When a standard or modified COTS package just isn't enough, we can also help you implement your own design from your own prints, or develop a totally unique solution to your needs. Our experienced engineering services department can help you solve even the most complex issues.

At Aitech, we recognize that software can represent the most significant part of your embedded system in terms of both cost and development time. That's why we have developed not only extensive third-party operating system support for our products, but extensive board support packages (BSPs) and Built-in Test (BIT) firmware as well. All of our SBCs and related boards, as well as our PMC products, incorporate full real-time operating systems support for the best-in-class OS vendors and their leading OS packages. These include WindRiver VxWorks, Green Hills INTEGRITY, LynuxWorks LynxOS and Embedded Linux operating systems. And we continue to evaluate, on an on-going basis, additional operating systems as they may apply to our products and our customers' OS needs. In addition to extensive OS support, Aitech offers a variety of board support packages and drivers for specific Aitech SBC, memory and mezzanine boards, including our exclusive Flash Memory Manager (FMM) to wear-level and manage your high capacity, non-volatile Flash disc drives. To further enhance our software offerings and expand our ability to meet unique customer needs, we can also provide driver source code to support non-Aitech SBCs and PMC carriers.

Like our hardware development strategy, our software support program is a continual, on-going effort designed to take full advantage of evolving products, programs and technologies. Consult our software specialists for the very latest on our operating system, BSP and driver and BIT support programs.

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Subsystem integration.
For many of our customers, purchasing Aitech COTS subsystems that they can integrate into complete embedded system solutions is the most efficient balance of cost and capability. But for those programs that can benefit from a more comprehensive system solution – whether prototype system development or full-scale production – we are also well-versed in fully integrated hardware systems, including complete assembly, testing and qualification, and full documentation.

Program and lifecycle configuration management.
Aitech Defense Systems fully understand that in the military and aerospace industries, reliability is everything...the reliability of our technology and the reliability of our support. And Aitech has earned a global reputation for delivering both.We not only have the capability to design and build the most advanced and reliable Single Board Computers; I/O, memory and graphics boards; PMCs and subsystem enclosures, but to effectively support those products throughout the program lifecycle of a specific production program. Our unrivaled experience and total program and lifecycle support services ensure that our solutions meet the functional, environmental and operating requirements as defined by our customers' specifications, as well as all testing, quality assurance and logistics requirements.

All Aitech products are designed to take full advantage of technology upgrades as they occur. This enables programs to benefit from device and packaging advances, and obsolescence problems. As a most recent example, our current generation of PowerPC single board computers, which incorporates the latest Motorola G4 processors with AltiVec technology, is backwards compatible with our first generation processor boards, despite general microprocessor lifecycles in the interim that have averaged approximately two years. This technology insertion process has enabled our customers to significantly upgrade their computing capability through multiple generations of processors as easily as changing a board and without major alterations to their software or other system hardware. The time, cost and performance benefits of this easy upgrade capability are enormous.

In addition to our standard program and lifecycle support, Aitech also provides a comprehensive suite of optional lifecycle support services and typically operates as the repair depot for most of our products as we specialize in obsolescence management from the initial design to out-year spare and repair support. Whatever it takes to keep your program at peak performance, Aitech makes it happen.

Mitigation of component obsolescence.
Just as Aitech helps you keep pace with constantly evolving developments in electronic component capabilities, we also enable you to avoid the danger of obsolete components that might compromise your ability to implement your designs into functional systems.

And component obsolescence is happening...
It could happen between the time you design and prototype your system and the time it is approved for full-scale production. Or it could hamper your ability to replicate a totally functional design after years of trouble-free performance in the field. Beyond initial subsystem development and implementation, Aitech can also help you keep your subsystems designs viable despite the ever-present threat of component obsolescence.

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Quality assurance, testing, and support.
Our historical record for reliability in the most challenging conditions is an excellent example of the quality you get from every Aitech solution. Backed by a total corporate commitment, quality assurance is a pervasive component in every aspect of Aitech product design, development, and manufacturing– from evaluation of contract requirements, through purchasing, inspection and testing of incoming components, to final production, testing, and delivery.

Our ISO 9001, ISO 9002, IPC-A-610, and NASA JPL certifications, as well as continuous inspections, are your assurance of our ability to deliver consistent performance to exacting specifications. Global companies that rely on our quality include:

BAE Systems, Boeing, British Aerospace, Fujitsu, General Dynamics, L-3 Communications, Lockheed Martin, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Nippon Avionics, Northrop Grumman, Titan, Toshiba, Rafael, Raytheon and United Defense, among many others.

Every product we supply is fully documented with easy-to-understand explanations, step-by-step procedures, and extensive use of graphics and block diagrams to provide a thorough understanding of the unit. Even after delivery, experienced service personnel are available around-the-clock to provide short-term and long-term hardware and application support.

From boards to subsystems; from your application development to system deployment; Aitech is there to ensure the success of your Land, Sea, Air or Space program.