Ai-RIO™ Small Form-Factor Remote I/O Subsystem

Aitech’s intelligent Ai-RIO remote I/O interface unit (RIU) product line represents a new paradigm in platform remote I/O management intended primarily for the low earth-orbit space and rugged military & aerospace applications.
  • Ai-RIO™ - Space-qualified Remote I/O Interface Unit with Mil & Aero Options
  • Easily Expandable and Scalable Intelligent RIO/RIU with Dual-core PowerPC Processor
  • Minimum Ai-RIO System Contains One Power Supply Module and CPU Module
  • Additional I/O and Features Expansion by Adding Standardized SFF Module “Slices”
  • High Performance with Extremely Low Power Dissipation, <12W (typ)
  • Powerful I/O Capability, includes:
    • One (1) Gb Ethernet port with IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
    • Ten (10) RS-422 Serial Ports, 2 RS-422 only, 8 RS-422/485
    • Eight (8) additional LVDS or RS-422/485 serial UARTs or four (4) SpaceWire ports with LVDS I/O
    • Two (2) CANbus ports
    • Sixteen (16) 3.3V LVCMOS GPIO Lines
    • One 1PPS port for Timing Synchronization
  • On-board Temperature Sensors
  • On-board A/D Voltage & Current Monitoring with Built In Test (BIT) for High Reliability
  • 28VDC Input Power (18 to 36V)
  • Options for micro-DSub or Compact Mil-D-38999 “Mighty Mouse” type Front- or Side-Mount Panel Connectors
  • Linux and VxWorks 6.9 RTOS Support
  • Stand-alone RIU Command & Response Operation with Aitech’s RIO-NET™ Software
  • Available in 100% Software Compatible,Air-Cooled Series 100 for Software Development
  • Conduction-Cooled Qual and Flight Units, Series 200 and 500
  • Radiation Tolerant Versions for LEO, MEO and Select GEO Missions
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