C5110 High Performance Ruggedized PowerPC® SBC

C5110 High performance Ruggedized PowerPC® SBC
Ruggedized Motorola single slot VME SBC MPC7410 with AltiVec
  • Single Slot Rugged 6U VME SBC
  • Conduction- or Air-cooled Formats
  • Dual PMC Slots for I/O Expansion
  • ANSI VME64 Compliant
  • Rugged and Military Operating Temp Ranges
  • Vibration Resistant: up to 7.62 G RMS
  • Shock Resistant: 30 G During 11 ms
  • Conformally Coated
  • G4 MPC7410 PowerPC® Processor with Altivec Technology
  • On-chip 32 kb L1 and 512 L2 Cache
  • Two (2) MB of L3 Cache
  • Up to Two (2) GB of DDR ECC SDRAM
  • 128 MB of User Flash Memory
  • Two (2) Async Serial Interfaces
  • Four (4) 32-bit Timers
  • Watchdog Timer
  • Compatible with Motorola 761/712 IPMC I/O Modules
  • VxWorks and Linux Real-time OS (RTOS) Support
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