Aitech specializes in, and excels at, the following areas of customization and integration:

  • Embedded computer design and manufacturing
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) integration services
  • Custom hardware and software development
  • Subsystems integration and support services
  • Design, development, and manufacturing of rugged military electronics and enclosures
  • Material handling and information processing

Our legacy is one of technological innovation that traces its origins to the development of the very first military VMEbus open-system architecture board, well over two decades ago. Aitech has lead the way ever since that day, and the corporation has now solidified the foundation for the future by unifying the business units of Aitech Systems, Aitech Space Systems, and Aitech Defense Systems.

Alone, each of these business units boasts a long history of delivering leading edge, rugged and extended-temperature computing technology. Each has built a reputation on providing proven, state-of-the-art, open-systems-architecture commercial and rugged boards, powered enclosures, customized and full custom solutions for the world’s embedded rugged computing markets – the space, defense, and aerospace industries. Now, unified under Aitech’s headquarters in Chatsworth, CA, these business units have become something more than the sum of their parts.

For system integrators, Aitech offers a single source for commercial, rugged, and military-grade, open-architecture COTS and application-specific computing solutions. These solutions span the full range of embedded system technology – from board-level products to fully integrated subsystems ready for the next level of integration. That means that no matter where a customer’s challenge lies, Aitech is poised and ready to provide real-world cost-effective computer-platform solutions. Aitech’s involvement in multiple, industry-technology and standards groups, provides valued consultation, with advanced product development to augment and enhance our customers’ value proposition to their end-users whenever it may be needed. When it comes to the next level of integration however, in all instances – from boards to integrated subsystems – Aitech leaves that task to those who do it best...our customers.

Unlimited Possibilities . . . and Solutions
In today’s dynamic world of seemingly ever-changing industry standards and market pressures, many legacy military systems – and even newer, complex inter-networked vehicle architectures, consisting of systems-of-systems – are facing threats of removal from theater operations much earlier than expected. Much of this is due to the threat of premature electronic component obsolescence driven by forces outside the defense industry. Mitigating and managing those risks and threats, and helping our servicemen and women to maintain deployed systems, are only a fraction of the services we provide for our customers. Aitech’s strength comes from listening to our customer’s technical challenges and providing a range of possible solutions – even if those solutions do not contain our intellectual property or products. We provide our customers with what they are asking for – value-added services.

Aitech serves our customers as a single point of access for application engineering, sales and technical support and programmatic support services. Commercial and rugged board customers, as well as systems customers, now have access to the full range of design, development, qualification, and deployment expertise of all the component companies within Aitech. With the ability and knowledge of the industry’s leaders at our disposal, Aitech has the capacity to take an embedded system customer from any given design starting point and support them through the entire subsystem integration process – from board-level to fully integrated subsystems – as their program or application requires.

Starting with COTS . . .
When needed, Aitech’s application-specific designs can begin with leading edge, Commercially available Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology based on global industry standards and open-systems architectures. This provides our customers with access to the highest performing technology available today – and tomorrow – for their point-design solutions. Using screened COTS components from our vast qualified-component database as the basis of key subsystem building blocks maximizes the design re-use of both common hardware and software modules. These, in turn, are tightly coupled with the programmatic support services our customers demand. This approach decreases our customer's time-to-market and lowers their overall program development costs.

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