CM106 Rugged/Mil PMC Carrier Expansion Card

CM106 Rugged/mil PMC Carrier Expansion Card
Adds two PMC sites per backplane slot with minimum size, power consumption and cost.
  • Accommodates Two (2) Single-wide or One (1) Double-wide PMC
  • Single Slot Rugged 6U Carrier Board (VMEbus Form Factor)
  • Expands PowerPC® SBCs Through PCI Over P0
  • PLX 6154 PCI-PCI Transparent Bridge
  • PCI 2.3 Interface Compliant: 64-bit at 33 MHz
  • Full Arbitration for PMC Master Operation Support
  • Front Panel Area for PMC I/O
  • PMC I/O Routed to P2
  • Requires Only +5 V From Backplane
  • Onboard or Backplane 3.3 V Supply
  • 4 W Power Consumption
  • Air-cooled Version per ANSI/VITA 1
  • Conduction-cooled Version per IEEE 1101.2
  • Three (3) Ruggedization Levels
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