CM870 3U VPX PMC/XMC Carrier Board

CM870 3U VPX PMC/XMC Carrier Board
The CM870 provides an additional active interface between the 3U VPX backplane and the on-board PMC/XMC module site.

  • Rugged/mil 3U VPX Carrier Board
  • VPX Backplane Fabric Interface with Support for up to Four (4)  PCIe x4 Ports per VITA 46.3 and 46.4
  • PCI Express Revision 2.0 with Backward Compliance to PCIe 1.1
  • Configurable for Switch Operation Supporting up to Four (4) PCIe Ports per VITA 46.20 Profile SLT3-SWH-4F-14.4.4
  • PMC Site Supports 64-bit 66/133 Mhz PCI-X and 33/66 Mhz PCI
  • XMC Site Supports PCIe x8
  • PMC/XMC I/O Routed to VPX P2
  • 64 PMC I/O Signals
  • 35 Single Ended and 20 Differential XMC I/O Signals
  • No Need for Software Drivers
  • OpenVPX Compliant
  • Conduction- and Air-cooled Versions
  • Vibration and Shock Resistant
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