Customer Support

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Wide-ranging customer assistance is offered in the following areas:

support.jpgProduct Support

From the moment a standard or customized product leaves the factory, technical support and service people are available around-the-clock, providing both short and long-term hardware and application software support for our customers from Aitech's world-wide sales and service centers, based in Chatsworth, Amsterdam or Herzlia.

Product Customization and Modifications

Aitech also customizes and modifies our off-the-shelf military and rugged products to meet our customers' specialized requirements. Taking customization a step further, Aitech has the engineering talent and expertise to undertake customer-initiated design and development of new embedded computing products to satisfy and accommodate their specialized subsystems needs. For those programs needing extra levels of programmatic support, Aitech's EVMS (Earned Value Management System) directly relates internal and external resource planning to our customers' program schedules and to technical directives, which are tailored to meet a specific schedule's requirements.


Every product supplied by Aitech is fully documented with easy-to-understand explanations, step-by-step set-up and usage procedures, and extensive use of graphics, block diagrams and examples. This provides a level of instruction that makes Aitech products virtually self-supporting. However, in those instances where some extra help may be needed, technical support is just a phone call or email away - world-wide!

Technology Insertion

Part of the benefit of using off-the-shelf, leading-edge embedded computing products is that our customers are in a position to take advantage of new industry-standard technologies as they emerge for defense and aerospace applications without incurring the up-front NRE development costs, nor the design and development time. Aitech's engineering processes, product plans and program management techniques recognize this as a fact of life and we can assist and advise our customers to implement a successful P3I plan.

Logistics and Maintenance

During the production phase of any subsystem program, maintaining a vehicle's electronics platform battle readiness is of paramount importance. Aitech -- acting as the EOEM Depot level -- fully understands this and is currently supporting the new two-level "Organizational" and "Depot" maintenance and logistics initiatives of both today's and tomorrow's military services. If a unit becomes non-operational in the field, Aitech stands ready to support the repair and return of that unit to active duty as expeditiously as possible.

In addition, all of Aitech's products adhere to the strict tenants of product and technology roadmaps thereby proactively mitigating component obsolescence and ensuring technology insertion, which supports the Military's 2020 Vision for P3I (Pre-Planned Product Improvement) and Spiral development programs.