E117 Full-ATR Short VME Enclosure

E117  Full-ATR Short VME Enclosure
A cold plate-cooled 11 slot VME64 compliant rugged computer enclosure, specially designed for space applications.
  • Rugged Chassis Specially Designed for High Reliability Space Applications
  • Two 28 V/300 W Power Supplies for Redundant Operation
  • Radiation Tolerant and Latch-up Immune
  • 11 Slot VME64 Compliant Backplane
  • Cold Plate Conduction Cooling
  • Faraday Cage with Waveguide Design for Enhanced EMI/RFI Performance
  • Complete EMI/RFI Power Line Filtering
  • Extended Height to Accommodate Fiber Optic Cables
  • Four 160-Pin I/O Connectors in the Staging Area
  • High Reliability for Critical Operations
  • Customized Front Panel Connectors
  • Front Panel LED Indicators
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