M570 CameraLink™ Frame Grabber

M570 CameraLink™ Frame Grabber
Interfaces with digital still cameras supporting the CameraLinkTM protocol and physical interface.
  • Acquisition and Processing of CameraLink™ Digital Video From Any CameraLink™ Compliant Camera
  • Fully Compliant with the CameraLink™ Specification CameraLink™ LVDS Interface at Front Panel or PMC I/O Connector
  • Front Panel 3M Connector Meets the CameraLink™ Connector Specification
  • Base Configuration - Single Channel Link, Single Cable Connector
  • UART Port for Camera Control
  • Four (4) Camera Control Signal Pairs (CC1 - CC4)
  • High Frame Rate Grabbing Capability (Over 50 Fps)
  • High Performance and Flexible Image Processing Engine, Implemented in a High-End FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) Device
  • Image-Processing Engine Allows for a Wide Variety of Image Processing Applications
  • 2 MB Frame Buffer for Frame Storage and Image-Processing Support
  • 64 kB Buffer for Image Processing Products Storage
  • PCI Rev. 2.2 Compliant Supporting 64-bit @ 66 MHz
  • Air-Cooled Version Compliant with IEEE P1386.1-2001 Specification
  • Conduction-Cooled Version Compliant with ANSI/VITA20-2001 Specification
  • Three (3) Ruggedization Levels
  • Wind River VxWorks Drivers
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