NightHawk RCU Rugged Controller / Data Concentrator Unit

NightHawk RCU Rugged Controller / Data Concentrator Unit
Aitech’s new NightHawk RCU™ is a low power, high performance, environmentally sealed and rugged, PC-based controller utilizing Intel’s latest low power N270 Atom Navy Pier processor technology.
  • Deeply Embedded PC-based Remote Interface Unit (RIU) / Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)
  • High Performance PC - Low Power Intel Processor in a Lightweight, Passive Air-cooled Rugged and Sealed Compact Enclosure
  • Intel® Atom™ N270 Processor (Navy Pier Platform) at 1.6GHz with 2GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Data Storage – from 4 to 8 GB SSD standard, with optional expansion to 250 GB SSD
  • Complete set of standard PC I/O Interfaces (Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Video Graphics, Stereo Audio in/out, USB, RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Serial Ports, Parallel Port, PS/2 Ports)
  • Extensive internal support for added peripherals and I/O expansion
  • 18-36* VDC Power Input with EMI/EMC-compliant Power Input Filter - 20W Pd Typical
  • Three rugged MIL-DTL-38999 connectors (1 - Power, 2 - Standard PC I/O, 3 - Custom I/O)
  • Designed for Rugged, Harsh Mechanical, Climatic, Chemical and Electrical Applications
  • Supported OS: Windows Embedded XP, Linux, VxWorks
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