S750 Radiation Tolerant Gigabit Ethernet PMC

S750  Radiation Tolerant Gigabit Ethernet Switch PMC
The only layer-2 Gigabit managed or unmanaged Ethernet Switch designed for manned/unmanned space applications.

  • Layer-2 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Designed for Space and ISS Applications
  • Four 100/1000BaseT Full Duplex (FD) Ethernet ports
  • One "Primitive" Port Offered Network Access for a Aitech SBC via the Local PCI Bus
  • Provide MAC Address Translation for High-speed Multipoint Data Distribution
  • Buffer Memory with Triple-voted Algorithm is Provided for Flight Units
  • FPGA Managed Reset of the Local Ethernet Physical Interfaces
  • Engineering Unit Design is available with PMC Front Panel Ports
  • Flight Unit provide Rear/Backplane I/O Ports only via the SBC to the CompactPCI Backplane
  • 32-bit PCI 2.1 Compliant CompactPCI Interface at 33.333 MHz with Onboard DMA Engines
  • S750 Nominal Power Consumption is approx. 8 Watts
  • Level-2 Screening per NASA GSFC EEE-INST-001 Guideline is also available
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