S950 3U CompactPCI Radiation Tolerant PowerPC® SBC

S950 3U compactPCI Radiation Tolerant PowerPC® SBC
A powerful rugged CompactPCI board specifically designed to operate in the harsh space radiation environment for mission-critical applications such as redundant mission computer, flight guidance and navigation computer, command and data handling computer, solid state recorder, video controller and manipulator controller.
  • Designed for LEO, Mars Terrestrial with an Option for GEO Environments
  • Single-Slot Conduction-Cooled 3U CompactPCI Single Board Computer (SBC)
  • High Performance PowerPC® 750FX Processor
  • Low Power Consumption, zero (0) wait-states
  • 128 MB of SDRAM Arranged in a Triple Voting Architecture (3 Bits per Cell)
  • Internal L1 Cache (32 KB) with Parity Check for Both Tags and Data
  • Internal L2 Cache (512 KB) with Parity Check on Tags and ECC Check on Data
  • 1 MB Dual-Redundant Boot
  • 64 MB ECC-Protected User Flash Memory
  • Two (2) Serial Ports Supporting RS422 Interface
  • Off-Board Ethernet Interface (10/100 Mbps) for Ground Development
  • Level-2 Components per NASA GSFC-INST-001 Specification are Available
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