Single Board Computers (SBCs) for Space Applications

SP0-S 3U cPCI Radiation Tolerant PowerPC SBC
At the heart of Aitech's newly updated Space-rated SP0-S for LEO, MEO or GEO missions is NXP’s (formally Freescale) PowerQUICC®III MPC8548E – e500 System on Chip. This further enhanced SP0-S 3U CompactPCI SBC represents an evolution from the previous generation of Space COTS SP0 SBC.
SP0 3U CompactPCI Radiation Tolerant PowerPC® SBC
Aitech's SP0 3U CompactPCI SBC is an evolution from the Aitech C925/S950 SBCs.  Improvements include a processor upgrade to the NXP's PowerQUICC III MPC8548E – e500 System on Chip and an additional larger user Flash.  With the processor upgrade, the SP0 has increased processing performance while maintaining or even reducing the power requirements.

S950 3U compactPCI Radiation Tolerant PowerPC® SBC
A powerful rugged CompactPCI board specifically designed to operate in the harsh space radiation environment for mission-critical applications such as redundant mission computer, flight guidance and navigation computer, command and data handling computer, solid state recorder, video controller and manipulator controller.