Software and Application Engineering

Aitech maintains close third-party partnerships with the industry’s leading companies. These partners provide access to a vast array of complementary products including operating systems, software development tools, graphics productivity tools, specialized I/O hardware products, and enclosures.

Aitech works with its partners to ensure seamless interoperability and total customer satisfaction.

Our partners include:

ALT Software
Toronto, Ontario
Alt Software
Phoenix, AZ
Green Hills Software Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA
San José, CA
Wind River Systems
Alameda, CA
Wind River Systems

Aitech offers integration and system customization for customers who prefer to focus their efforts on the end application, rather than the intricacies of developing and integrating low-level hardware and software components. We have the working knowledge, experience and expertise to design custom enclosures, perform full environmental qualification, and manage complex programs with many logistics and deliverable data items.


We typically leverage existing Aitech hardware and software designs to meet program-specific customer requirements quickly and cost effectively. Since subsystems frequently include the use of third-party hardware, Aitech can also procure and install that hardware and integrate the software components. Our first-hand experience with these lower level hardware and device drivers can mitigate unexpected project delays.

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Software & Application Engineering

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