TM900 Transition Module for the C900 CompactPCI SBCs

TM900 Transition Module for the C900 CompactPCI SBCs
Provides standard connection for all C900 G4+ PowerPC® CompactPCI SBC I/O interfaces.
  • Provides Standard Connection for All C900 G4+ PowerPC® VME SBC I/O Interfaces
  • 80mm Module Depth Fully Compliant with IEEE 1101.11
  • Supports Both Front Only and Front/Rear Plug-in Units Subracks
  • Direct Rear Plug-in Unit for Subracks Supporting Rear I/O Plug-in Units
  • Double Slot Front Transistion Module Providing all C900 I/O Interfaces
  • Single Slot Front Transition Module Providing Most C900 I/O Interfaces
  • Complete Two Unit Kit (Rear Backplane Adapter Unit and Front Panel Transition Unit) with Cables for Subracks Supporting Front Plug-in Units Only
  • High Quality Twisted Pair Flat Cable for Transition Module and Rear I/O Adapter Connection
  • Includes No Active Components
  • Configuration Jumpers Available for I/O Routing Configuration
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