TM950 3U CompactPCI Transition Module

TM950 3U CompactPCI Transition Module
The transition module provides standard direct connection to I/O interfaces on the S950 and the hosted PMC module and is intended for use in commercial 3U cPCI air-cooled chassis.
  • Provides a Rear I/O Transition Module in 3U Form Factor
  • Designed for use with the S950 SBC primarily in the Aitech Development Chassis
  • Provide Connections (via CompactPCI J1 and J2 connectors) to:
    • Onboard I/Os (Two Serial Ports on S950),
    • Some cPCI bus signals and voltage inputs, and
    • All 64 user-defined I/O signals from the hosted PCI Mezzanine Card
  • Provide Rear Panel I/O for:
    • Eight CAT5e RJ-45 shielded connectors, and
    • Four Removable Mini-Triax 1553 connectors
  • Two-Slot Wide design (8HP form factor) with EMI gasket
  • Optional Jumper Block is Available For Access via Flat Ribbon Cable Instead Of Rear Panel Connectors
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